Sunday, April 19, 2015

Light of Day

This morning (it's 1am), I'm going to publish my poem before going on to write "10th Commandment." Just to avoid being as late as I was in Day Seventeen.

My family and I went on a movie marathon for the weekend. We watched "American Heist" and half of "Wild." We ended up hating both movies. It's 75% a bad movie night. The two movies are not totally bad, but they're still not our type of movies.

On Bubblews, I'll be reviewing "The Next Three Days."

Here's my response for the NaPoWriMo Day Eighteen challenge. We are to write a poem that is about an urgent journey and an important message. I totally enjoyed reading the example that was given on the NaPoWriMo blog, that I'm gonna share it here.

Even though the inspiration behind my poem was originally stealth planes and I thought it up while in HarvardX Humanities back in 2013, it ended up having so many other elements in it. Writing some parts of this poem made me cry. Here are some elements:

-While watching that scene from "Dracula Untold" in which Vlad was organizing his bats, my friend asked, "What is he doing?"

I joked, "Organizing his Air Force."

My sister followed with her own joke, "Yeah, checking his stealth planes."

-The Howard Shore score for "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," "The Black Rider." I always associated the music with an enemy who's getting too near.

-Descriptions of the Blitz from C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" and Daniel Silva's "The Unlikely Spy."

-That scene in the movie "Troy," when the Greeks crept out of the Trojan Horse and began killing the Trojans.

-December 7, 1941. When Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor during negotiations with the US.

-That scene from "Gladiator," when Commodus stabbed Maximus' back.

-My poems also get inspired by my previous poems. My previous poem that inspired this is "Can't Tell," a poem about visions of violence that appear in a traumatized soldier's mind.

-The feeling I get when playing chess, and my opponent has pushed my king as far back as to make me resort to castling. Other players win with castling, but I see it as the beginning of defeat.

-My memories of the smell of blood and death. I once volunteered in a quick response team that handled road accidents, and I learned about that smell in those car crashes where the victims died.

-1942 to 1945. The Japanese invasion of the Philippines and what they did to Filipinos.

-1521 to 1898. The Spanish colonization of the Philippines and the reputation of Spanish rulers to Filipinos.

-The Ben Mink song, "We Will Have Won."

-The Ming revolution at the end of the Yuan dynasty. It's a story from China, when the Chinese distributed secret messages inside mooncakes to plan a revolution against their Mongolian invaders. And won.

-The secret meetings of the Katipunan, a group of Filipinos who planned and started the revolution against the Spaniards. And won.

-Conventions of ancient Greek poetry. (Photo credit: me)

Sweeping through the cold winds,
They crept through the evening.
Without sound they careened
With their thirst for winning.
Oh they're getting so near
And the air smelled of fear ...

At the first light that falls,
Falling down deep within
Like fiery waterfalls,
Make hope quickly grow thin
As the planes drop their bombs
And we can't fight, like lambs.

Exploding, shaking her life,
Like her back stabbed with knife.
Welcome to the new strife.

Houses flew in pieces.
Women wailed, children cried.
Moving back in chess,
Hell of a smoky ride
And the air smelled of blood
From the lives we have had.

They enslaved us like fools.
Our cries to the skies.
The enemy who drools
With his wealth and his wiles.
One day, child, we will win.
Do be silent and keen.

Quiet call to the men,
Saying where and when,
When to gather and then ...

Surprising like the sun
To a man who won't sleep,
Battle cries form as one
While our spies creep
'Til we see light of day,
Living free 'til today.
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