Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Things That Happened and Things That Happen

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 word count: 34,472

I'm terribly late. But I have good reasons.

After publishing my previous post, I traveled to SSS (Social Security System) in Barangay Pinyahan, Quezon City. It was nice to see old acquaintances. After that, I went to the nearby GMA Network area to mind some family matters. Then I traveled to Marikina City.

Fell asleep in the commuter vehicle. Was still half-asleep when I saw the next vehicle on the road quickly moving toward me. Had to pull myself back, and then it hit the vehicle I was on.

Was fully awake when I realized that it was actually our vehicle that hit it. The passengers went into panic, and the woman across from me screamed to our driver that I almost got hit. But our driver just grinned at me and continued driving. The driver of the other vehicle also continued driving like nothing happened. The passengers eventually calmed down. Our vehicle had only a little dent.

I went to Concepcion Dos, ate supper there, and spent hours standing in the sun and listening to this woman rant about her life problems. The hot weather felt more good than listening to her.

Finally went home by 4pm, sitting next to a fat man who helped every passenger who passed us by. Fat people can be so considerate, and it's quite unfair to call them "fat."

Outside my building, one of the employees told that a visitor came while I was away. He said the visitor said that he will go back. So I waited outside the building, chatting with the employee.

The visitor did come back. Someone who had handled important family affairs in the past. It was nice to meet him again. It's always nice to meet people from the past.

After he left, I settled in my room and started writing. My mother found her movies again and asked me to watch them with her. It was "Woman in Black 2." She later said that we shouldn't watch horror movies at night, so we didn't finish it. She went to sleep, and I went back to writing. Went to sleep at 11pm.

Woke up at 1am to find my sister panicking. She was running late for an online appointment, but the Internet connection was suddenly lost. "Do something," she told me. I'm the only one in the family who knows how to troubleshoot.

I did "something." And everything. But the Internet connection was still lost. We went to the building staff and asked the man for the password of their Free WiFi. I connected her laptop to the free WiFi, and left her working at the lobby. Went back to my room to call our service provider. After I waited for the on-hold music, the man from the service provider answered my call by 3am. He said that all Internet connection had been cut by their company nationwide due to maintenance. He told me to wait until 5am. So I wrote while waiting for 5am.

The Internet did return by 5am. I called my sister to reconnect to our Internet and she went back home, telling me to "Hurry up, reconnect it!" So I reconnected her, and her problem was fixed.

I still haven't published my "K-19: The Widowmaker" review on Bubblews.

My poem yesterday, "A Secret," is about Vlad of "Dracula Untold." I had watched the movie as part of my huge and frantic research for the villain of "10th Commandment." My villain is not based on Vlad, though. I started creating my villain years before the movie came out. Also, I wrote the poem after talking with my friend, who can't stop raving about Vlad.

On a side topic, in the past, I've written numerous poems that people have always presumed to be love poems for vampires. They were actually about bats. I support Animal Rights and had been trying to promote the preservation of bats. Bats are the last living mammals with wings, and they're fast becoming extinct. They might be gone from our world soon.

Here's my response for the NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Twenty challenge. We are to write a poem that states the facts that we know.

My poem is horribly long, even after I erased some facts just to shorten it. I also removed the facts that I learned from school, books, and other people. These are only facts that I learned based on experience. I bet that older people already know the facts in this poem. I still have more things to find out. It doesn't look like a poem to me, but it does what poems are supposed to do: inform.

Common Sense is a Free Verse

If you're always busy with something good, you'll never get in trouble.
Birds are not bird-brainers.
The air around you changes movement patterns when an aircraft is approaching.
You can't trust the police.
You never know if everything you have right now will be gone in the next second.
Normal snakes don't go near people.
You see many bad things coming, you just deny it.
Some swamps appear like solid ground.
Mistresses are made in hell.
When the whole world seems to hate you, move more than five cities away.
People with mental disorders can be more cooperative than people with normal brains.
Staying up at night will make you see things you're not supposed to see.
Once you know how it works, you can create your own.
Every family has a black sheep.
The person who keeps turning you against your own parents wants to kill you.
If you love him, don't let your enemy know that you do.
Some heroes never ever become known.
Criminals use your trust to earn money.
When people join together to believe in something that is not real, it becomes real.
To sing well, you should mean it.
If you know how things are supposed to be, you'll be faster at noticing what's wrong.
Personality is always different from appearance.
Food, money, beauty and love are the basic magnets for jealousy.
Giving in to the natural instinct of vengeance will make you look like you started it.
It's somebody else's fault only when you've done everything you can to stop it.
Always keep something that will absorb all your negative emotions, so they don't go where they shouldn't go.
Your mother is always right.
Some things that work for other people will never work for you.
The pests in your house actually help keep the worse pests out of your house.
Ghosts and troublemakers have one thing in common: they get stronger only when you acknowledge their presence.
Science has discovered only a very small fraction of the universe.
Animals know who is good and who is not.
Feng Shui is somehow right.
No matter how much time you spend grooming yourself, you will not look any different.
Impulses can kill.
If you want a clean home, don't use linoleum.
Every author has written a horribly bad book.
People who keep talking about God are trying to cover something up, unless they work for the church.
You can hear the best songs on the radio and watch the best shows on TV between 12 midnight and 3am.
Even the smallest animals have logic and feelings.
The church is full of evil people, especially during holidays.
No matter how hard you try, your parents will always believe that you're just a little girl.
If you want to keep running, don't ever pause for a little rest.
"No" is a life-saving word.
If you're going to perform on the stage, don't practice under the stairs.
Don't let very different people touch your hair.
Death is a kidnapper that won't accept any ransom.
When you perform, don't rely on the judges' facial expressions ... if there was ever any expression.
Pretending to be stupid will save your life.
Have a different perfume for different years to help yourself remember.
You did not leave your past behind, you just got older.
There are places in the Philippines that totally scare policemen.
Not everything is in the news.
Children and pets only mimic what they see the adults doing.
Always bring a broom when you move to a new house.
Hooks, nails and shelves make life easier ... and of course, a hammer.
Leave the cheap products to the people who can't afford the expensive products.
Commonwealth Avenue is not for walking.
Never let an evil landlady know that you plan to leave.
Don't escape without a plan.
Always make allowance for mistakes.
Spend time with people who are full of good vibes.
No one can control you.
When you make no impression, people will tell you their deepest secrets.
Fear feeds on itself.
You find your true friends only in your worst moment.
"Losers" only need to think things over.
You can actually feel a rain coming.
When you donate relief goods, include can openers.
When you sleep outdoors, pack some waterproof beddings and bags.
Smiling helps.
All that you need is water.
A person can last days without eating and sleeping, and still survive.
A soldier, a prisoner and a homeless person are very similar people.
Just put one foot in front of the other, and you will get there.
The first step to survival is acceptance of one's current situation.
Secrets can kill.
One simple way of watching the solar eclipse is through its reflection on a cup of water.
Life will always have ups and downs.
Women behave like women and men behave like men only because of each other.
If you want people to pay attention to you, pay attention to them.
Different cooks cook differently.
Keep looking around, and you might find something better and cheaper.
Some people actually have the guts to make misunderstood people even more misunderstood.
What happens in the military headquarters stays in the military headquarters.
Soldiers are good singers.
Living a life of order is the best and most productive way to live.
When you handle complicated things, entertainment actually helps.
You don't have to win in every fight that you encounter.
Computers are like humans: they won't be good to you if you haven't been good to them.
Only 1 email in every 1000 emails you ever receive really matters, but you still have to read each email.
The words "new" and "free" catch people's attention on the Internet.
Knowing English does not ensure success.
Emoticons unite netizens who don't really understand each other.
A person who keeps talking to herself sounds unpleasant, even in writing.
Even the worst moments have a positive side to them, and you can use them to your advantage.
Beautiful people become so conscious of what's outside, that they forget what's inside.
Cats also love to watch the rain.
Fame is not real.
Don't rely on people's promises.
Sometimes, your neighbors are noisy because you're too quiet.
Set lines between what you're willing to do and what you're not willing to do, and follow them.
People have brains, and you can never fool them.
Writing isn't just about words, it's about all of life.
Everything comes with a price.
You can't do everything at once.
Simplicity is more important than it seems.
Blood won't be as scary and gross once you understand its purpose.
It's not true that MOOCs are self-paced.
Intelligence, good looks and wealth won't get you anywhere if you don't learn to be nice.
Don't ask someone a question if you don't want him to ask the same question back.
People depend on people.
People who have lost so much in their lives don't need to be told that they have lost so much in their lives.
Poetry has a knack for predicting things.
Everyone has the same level of suffering.
If bad things keep happening to you on his watch, that means he's making them happen.
There are some things in life that you will never be able to fix.
History keeps repeating itself, and changing it can take more than a life.
Controlling human nature is a feat that you still can't do.
You don't need much to achieve something.
A life of perfection breeds unspeakable evil.
Falling in love will keep you human.
There comes a point in your life when people no longer trust you because you keep winning.

Denying something only draws people's attention to it.
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