Wednesday, April 8, 2015

If Greed is Good

Here's my response to the challenge for NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Seven. We are to write a poem about money. My poem is about the true value of happiness, though.

All that Money Can Buy
He's missing the bright sun,
The coldness of the sea,
The friendly chatter fun,
The simple love of me,
The fragrance of flowers,
And the life of lovers.

In a world of high walls,
All things that are man-made
With no musical calls.
Where compassion can fade.
Where he turns to statue,
Unmoving, never true.

All that money can buy.
He keeps wondering why
All the love always fly.

Because he won't get out,
And be with the whole world.
He shall leave and go south,
Where nothing's ever sold.
For true joy is within,
If he will be so keen.

A reader's been asking me to write about my writing playlist and what its songs mean to me.

My fave song when I started the playlist was actually "Satellites." Now, I can't decide anymore. Searching all over Spotify for James Blunt's songs actually got me discovering some of his songs that I haven't heard before. They are "Shine On," "I Can't Hear the Music," "Best Laid Plans," "No Tears," "No Bravery," "Tears and Rain," "One of the Brightest Stars," "Out of My Mind," "Cry," "Trail of Broken Hearts," "Always Hate Me," "So Far Gone," "Dangerous," and "The Only One."

Actually, I've left out most of the songs that I already know. I've heard "You're Beautiful" so many times before and I don't wanna hear it again. Also, "1973" doesn't fit in the harmony of the playlist. Its beats are different. I'm also leaving out "Heart to Heart" (Yes, I've found it. It's actually been saved in my account. It's like searching the whole house for your glasses, and then realizing you've been waring it lol), because I can't find a place for it in the playlist. It sounds unique in all of Blunt's songs. There are many other good songs that I've excluded from the playlist.

"Shine On" reminds me of Stephen King's message on the first page of "The Shining," "This is for Joe Hill King, who shines on."

I can't figure out what "I Can't Hear the Music" really is. That's exactly why I included it in the playlist: I'm trying to figure it out haha

"Best Laid Plans" sounds like all of my teachers during those times when they scolded me real bad. It's been a long time since they did that to me, but bad memories remain bad memories. I wanted to delete the song during the first days of Camp NaNoWriMo, but I'm realizing lately that it's causing me to do better. In the same way that those words from my teachers caused me to improve in the past.

I think that "No Tears" is about survivor's guilt.

"No Bravery" reminds me of the poem I wrote at the age of 20, "It Sings in a Soldier's Dream." The poem tells of no matter how chaotic and deadly the world gets, there's hope if even one man can still remember what peace was like. The song is the extreme opposite, though. It sings of the complete loss of anything that is good.

The playlist is too long. It would take a long post to write about each song.

Photo is mine. Greed would be really good if it's just all about chocolate coins hehe
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