Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Third Day

When people learn that the novel I'm writing is titled "10th Commandment," they instantly think it's religious. "10th Commandment" is only a working title.

I actually wanted to make its official title "See No Evil," but I learned late last year that there's a movie with that title. I don't want my book to be associated with a horror movie. I didn't even watch that movie.

I chose "10th Commandment" as the working title because I was thinking of the 10th Commandment: "Do not covet thy neighbor's goods." In the story, the terror starts with Evelyn's next-door neighbor.

Anyway, please join my FreeRice group, I.Q. United, if you like. Here's how it works: FreeRice FAQ list.

Also, here is my response to the challenge from NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Three. I hope I got the syllables right. Photo is mine.

Second Chance

A woman's voice about the silence sung in this ol' world,
Here fly in cold evening, the silence wish for hearts to fold
In face of my defeat, the love he does not give in verse.
The wars that rage every lil' day that we attempt converse.
This heart will feel silence instead, power's so much to love.
We keep this pride amidst this life, a pride we have.
Travel this world alone, without a care, without a trust.
Remain a cold couple, eternally ignore a must.

A must to give, and be humble, forgive the old quarrels,
But pride will keep power, it's fat like great, olden barrels.
Oh, please, be weak, my heart, lest fight, become very sinful,
Finish small lives and stay the blame of all evil in full.
Forgive, before this world will turn to you in your defeat.
In the morning, go out, and the good hope will you then meet.
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