Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Saw a Purple Cow

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 word count: 15,191 words Wheeeheeee! :D

I have reached that part that I left back in 2013. It's the part where the villain introduces the protagonist to his work. I wanted to write more, but it's a very tricky part and needs to be written with care. It will require a bit of rest before being done.

On Bubblews, I reviewed "Kidnapping of Mr. Heineken." Articles there have to be kept short.

Here's my response for the NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Eight challenge. We're supposed to write a palinode. A palinode is a poem where the poet retracts what he/she said in an earlier poem.

I researched on palinodes and saw the examples ("Purple Cow" and "Confession: and a Portrait Too, Upon a Background That I Rue" by Gelett Burgess) on Wikipedia. They're so funny. They're the inspiration behind the title of this post.

My take on the topic isn't as comedic, though. It retracts what was said in my poem for Day Five, "On the Sands of Troy." The poem used metaphors from Homeric poetry, but it was inspired by a conversation that I had with an Iraq War Veteran last November (I was volunteering in a suicide-prevention website). The poem was about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition that - in worst cases - causes the patients to lose hope and commit suicide. Because the poem ends with the realization that hope is gone, my palinode is the response of hope. (Photo credit: me)

When the world turns away,
Leaving you in the cold
Near the strong waves that sway,
And the burnt sail won't fold,
I still remain your friend,
With you until the end.

In last flicker of light,
O there is still a chance.
Even though the men fight,
Hold on to your own lance;
You'll make it out alive.
Your story will survive.

Like the sirens sing songs
Of heroes' rights and wrongs,
For your life this soul longs.

O your name will be heard,
Over the giant seas,
In the farms and the herd.
So keep on fighting, please,
For to fight is not sin,
And because you will win.
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